The best and worst SNL skits of all time

The best and worst SNL skits of all time

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More recently, he’s been canoodling with Mad Men’s Betty Draper (nee January Watch their S.N.L. duet again and tell me you don’t see Sudeikis falling a likely wondering why it matters at all who Jason Sudeikis is dating.

Despite our having renounced guilty pleasures here a few weeks ago, this fall’s cultural spectrum has offered plenty of other ways to make us feel bad about ourselves. Maybe The Office reminds you of your lousy job and incompetent boss. Maybe you loathe The Biggest Loser because, no matter how many goosebumps those weigh-ins give you , those are the same ten pounds you’ve been trying to shed for years.

Maybe things are just so shitty for everyone else that you, like our supplicating new Nobel laureate , feel undeserving of your own accomplishments. American self-reproach can come from any direction these days, really. But suck it up your post-P. White guilt has long been among liberal America’s most popular social pastimes, but get ready for the true mainstreaming of ethnic shame via hand-washing from Saturday Night Live to Mad Men and culminating in Clint Eastwood’s Nelson Mandela-imbued bid for an Oscar two months from now.

And thus the white establishment gets richer by apologizing for its own hegemony. Whether or not that’s what the apologists had in mind I can’t always be sure , that’s the paradox they’ve created for themselves. It’s part of what made Mad Men so bracing last weekend. Creator Matthew Weiner let his white-guilt flag fly as unreservedly as ever, interweaving radio broadcasts of Martin Luther King Jr. In Don’s case, he’s trying to seduce a teacher who vows to share King’s oratory with her young students; in Betty’s, she reacts to the murder of three young black girls in the South with this rejoinder to her shaken maid Clara: “Maybe this isn’t [civil rights’] time.

It’s a long way from last season, when Joan Holloway accused Paul Kinsey of dating a black woman just to look hip. While such sensitivity may redeem Weiner and Mad Men all the way to the Emmy stage don’t even get me started on what it did for those class-war pieces of shit Crash and Slumdog Millionaire , it paralyzes the white viewer at home.

Jon Hamm Had A Run-In With Donald Trump And Bill O’Reilly That Brought Out The Don Draper In Him

And while the actor and the character were certainly very different people, the two shared an emotional connection: Both lost their parents at a young age. Hamm grew up in St. Louis, where his mother died of cancer when he was just 10 years old; his father, who ran a trucking company, passed away a decade later. After college, Hamm moved to L.

of Jon Hamm, by way of Don Draper’s long, trench-coated shadow, on SNL, which he’s hosted three times, he’s become a cast-favorite.

Seven years on, much has changed for everyone and everything involved with the show — even some of the products woven into it. As the series embarks on the first half of its final season — the second half arrives next year — we look at that altered landscape. The film had a middling reception last fall at the Toronto film festival but is expected soon to have a distribution deal that will bring it to theaters this year.

If a film career fails to take off, Weiner, whose penchant for secrecy is famous, could get a gig at the National Security Agency. Then : Not a single Emmy Award — or even a nomination — for outstanding drama series. Then : The former American Movie Classics network, best known for its ubiquitous Westerns and the horror films of Monsterfest, was the 19th-most-watched basic cable network among viewers Now : Much less obscure poet of the New York School, at least when it comes to book sales.

In , copies were sold, according to Nielsen BookScan; the next year, the tally rose to 2, and has not dipped below 1, since.

Jon Hamm talks about the perfect Sunday, impact of ‘Mad Men’

Jon Hamm was the host of SNL last week. We were warned by Paul Rudd , but yes Hamm is indeed naturally very funny and charismatic. In other news he is still super freakin handsome.

With all the emotional heft of an SNL sketch, W is Cliff Notes history do anything. From Don Draper’s Guide to Dating to his dead-on James .

By Jennifer Wright. December 13, pm Updated December 13, pm. Humor is clearly something that unites the pair. But those funny guys were richer, more famous and more powerful than the women they attracted. Last summer, Charlize Theron exemplified this trend when she played a gorgeous, fiercely competent secretary of state who falls for a nebbish, but extremely funny reporter played by Seth Rogen. According to Fortune , women in their early 20s are now out-earning men. After a long day at the office, nothing sounds less appealing than having to cater to a serious Don Draper type at home.

Lots of women would rather have someone who can make them laugh about their job, and take their mind off their own work. In a study of , people, published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, women ranked humor as the first of their preferred qualities in a mate. Another study presented at the British Psychological Society Annual Conference found that women were inclined to rate candidates with the funniest profiles as more likely candidates for long-term relationships.

See: Mark Zuckerberg.

Jon Hamm, 49, Dating ‘Mad Men’ Guest Star Anna Osceola, 32, 5 Years After Finale

Paltrow won a new legion of fans when she sang a version of the rapper’s hit, “Forget You,” on a November episode of the TV musical “Glee. The actress, whose “Country Strong” expands from a limited release to theaters across the United States on January 7, told Reuters in December she had never met Cee Lo, even though he publicly praised her for her version of the song. Paltrow said she was looking forward to talking to the singer, not just because she loved his music but she wanted to ask the rapper a specific question dealing with her dad.

Her father, Bruce Paltrow, was a director and producer who died in of complications from cancer and pneumonia. Elsewhere,’ which was the name of my dad’s show,” said Paltrow. So, I wonder if there’s any connection there, or if he just liked the name.

While Don Draper has had multiple marriages, Jon Hamm has never that Hamm is dating Saturday Night Live producer, Lindsay Shookus.

By Cassie Carpenter. It Books is set to release her memoir Yes Please on October The six-time Emmy nominee continued: ‘And Jon Hamm, who I am just getting to know, comes over and puts his hands on my shoulder and is like, “This is a really important show for me. Perhaps the blunt year-old’s ‘insensitivity’ might have something to do with the fact that he’s never had children with his girlfriend of 17 years, Jennifer Westfeldt.

Amy confirmed that her book also addresses her divorce from ex-husband Will Arnett after a nine-year marriage. The Mad Men hunk’s response: ‘This is a really important show for me. The six-time Emmy nominee recalled: ‘I laughed so hard, I probably peed myself’. The Blades of Glory exes share custody of their two adorable sons – five-year-old Archie and three-year-old Abel.

The Parks and Recreation funnywoman has been romancing comedian Nick Kroll for the past year. Ambitious: Perhaps the blunt year-old’s ‘insensitivity’ might have something to do with the fact that he’s never had children with his girlfriend of 17 years, Jennifer Westfeldt. Mother of two: The Blades of Glory exes share custody of their two adorable sons – three-year-old Abel and five-year-old Archie.

Mad Men’s Jon Hamm Set to Guest on 30 Rock

They have desires. They have testosterone. I would be foolish if I thought that. I pray for them.

Here’s the full list of who showed up on the ‘SNL’ 40th anniversary special. Who Is Antoni From Queer Eye Dating? | POPSUGAR Celebrity Chicas, Fab Five,​.

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What Are You Even Doing? – Saturday Night Live

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